About Me

My name is Arielle Williford and I'm a normal lady, haha! I'm 31 and married to a godly man. I'm a sinner saved by grace! God is so good to me... as much as I have struggled and failed I still strive to be like Christ everyday!

God has given me a passion for teenagers. I love teaching and speaking to them, but basically just getting to know them and seeing God work in their lives like never before!

I'm the full time Minister of Students at Clarksville Baptist Church in Clarksville, VA. I have a BA in Youth Ministry and have attended New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. I'm originally from Virginia and I love my state! It is the state for lovers, or so says the motto! I have also lived in Greenville, SC and consider it to be one of the most amazing places I have EVER been... maybe because I met the greatest friends in the world there!

Let's do life together and make God look good in the process!