Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Welcome to Clarksville

Well, it's been a little over 2 weeks since we have moved to Clarksville, VA. We first talked with Clarksville this past sumer and honestly Jaron and I thought they had gone another way because we had not heard from them. We received a call in September saying they were still interested and at this point we were talking with another church. Through the process we became excited about the possibilities here in Clarksville. Jaron and I both gave 2 weeks notices the week before Christmas and were here the first of the year. It was so quick, but worth it because we both really felt God's hand moving us. We moved on a Saturday, I was installed as a minister that Sunday, and on Tuesday Jaron went to work! God has provided for us so much more than we ever thought! I am so excited about what is to come! I grew up in small towns in Va and I feel right at home here. Jaron even said after leaving Food Lion one night that he loved our little normal life here! Most people (all but 2) are so loving and excited we are here! I definitely do not have on rose colored glasses knowing that some people don't see the need for my position, but we are loving on the kids and parents as much as we can!

Now the questions start rolling in....
  • Where do we start?
    • Where are the kids Spiritually?
    • What kind of ministry has been taking place before now?
  • How do we start?
    • Build Relationships
      • Go to games, plays, band things
    • Get Organized
      • Budgets, Parent Meetings, Teaching Schedules, Camps
    • Begin to create a Spiritual Culture
      • Focus on Time with God
      • Show how God changes us and molds us to be more like Him
      • Set the bar HIGH!
  • What do we change?
    • Create a "Sacred Space"
      • walking in it says, "time to talk with God"
So this is how we have started...
At the end of our official 1st week Jaron and I went on a Ski Retreat with some of our new Youth, Volunteers, and Parents! What a way to kick start relationships!

The start of the 2nd week we did what I grew up doing and went to a basketball game and had concession stand burgers for dinner!
 I love it when we are able to go to games and see our kids play! We rounded out our week at a game night with church people playing Bunko and Spoons while eating pizza and sipping wine (in my case a diet mountain dew!)

Tonight I have a JV basketball game to go to as well as a Children's Committee meeting! Later this week our Community has a Women's conference!! I'm so excited about being able to meet people and learn more about our Savior!

We seem super busy, but honestly it's such a slow pace that it doesn't feel rushed or busy at all! Jaron and I are able to have lunch and dinner together almost everyday!! AND dinner is before 8pm!!!

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